Pinterest Reaches New Milestone Of 250 Million Users

Recently, Pinterest has celebrated a new milestone as they hit 250 million users. While Pinterest does not have the same user numbers as other bigger social media platforms, it has nevertheless continued to have a fast growth rate.

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Facebook & Instagram: New User Tools Introduced To Help Track Time Spent On The Apps

Both Facebook and Instagram are introducing a new activity dashboard which includes new features to help users manage their time spent on the apps.

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Top 3 Ways To Get More ROI From Your Instagram Marketing

Whether you are influencer marketing or creating an Instagram story ad, here is top three ways that you can get more return on investment from your Instagram marketing efforts.

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5 Ways To Drive Traffic That Aren't SEO

Social media, guest blogging, and email marketing are all useful tactics to use to help you drive traffic to your website. By integrating these methods into your marketing plan, you will soon be able to see an increase in traffic without adjusting your SEO efforts.

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Twitter Loses Ability To Let Users Auto-Post & Retweet To Facebook

Recently, Twitter has lost the ability for content to be posted automatically to Facebook due to Facebook's new guidelines. Twitter is one of over 60,000 apps that have been impacted.

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How To Use Visual Elements To Improve Your Marketing Strategy

From images and GIFs, to memes and videos, these are just some important visual elements that you can include in your marketing strategy to help boost your engagement. Quicksprout are here with a list of eight visual elements that can really help improve your marketing game.

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Pinterest Opens Up New Promotion Feature For All Advertisers

Originally launched in May to a small number of brands, Pinterest have now introduced wide-format promoted videos for all advertisers. Through the Pinterest Ad Manager, advertisers now have access to wide-format videos for their advertisements.

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A Great 10-Step Guide On How To Run An Instagram Contest

Running a contest on your Instagram channel is a great way to interact with your target audience. But how should you properly run an Instagram contest? Hubspot are here with a great ten step guide that can help you!

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What Are Social Media Marketing Fundamentals?

Entrepreneur are here with ten useful laws and fundamentals that are crucial to successful social media marketing. From listening to your audience to sending out quality content, here is some useful factors you need to know.

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Why Is Social Media Discretion Important For Your Brand?

In today's society, everyone is online. But that doesn't mean you should share absolutely everything. Social media discretion is becoming increasingly important for brands so that they can maintain their positive brand identity.

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