Is Content Curation Good for SEO? 11 Examples That Prove So!

Does content curation impact SEO? Learn from these awesome examples of content curation and make ensure that your content curation efforts will pay off.

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The Day Will Come When Your Credit Card Will Disappear

The ability to pay for things with a debit card or your smartphone instead of having to carry around cash (or something to barter) is sort of miraculous. For nearly the whole of human history, and in many parts of the world still, economies have been built on the premise of physical mediums of exchange. If Visa’s innovation chief Jim McCarthy has his way, Visa itself may soon become invisible.

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Roger Moore Had the Greatest Gadgets in the History of Bond

A look back at all the watches, car/submarines, and computers that made Roger Moore's Bond wonderful. The post Roger Moore Had the Greatest Gadgets in the History of Bond appeared first on WIRED.

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Sony’s innovative PlayLink turns phones into controllers for PS4 party games

At its E3 presentation Sony showed off a new PS4 feature called PlayLink, which lets you pair phones and tablets to the console and use them as second-screen controllers for a range of new games.

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10 Jobs Artificial Intelligence Will Replace

If you think job disruption by AI is limited to the assembly lines, think again: AI is doing a better job than humans at some aspects of sales and marketing, too.

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What you should know about Twitter’s latest privacy policy update

As it begins to store people’s off-Twitter browsing data for longer, the company adds new data controls and ends Do Not Track support.

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The rise and fall of Marissa Mayer, from the once-beloved CEO of Yahoo to a $4.48 billion sale to Verizon

We went through a bunch of recent news stories and Nicholas Carlson's book — "Marissa Mayer and the Fight to Save Yahoo!" — to put together the story of Mayer's epic rise to become one of the biggest Silicon Valley power players, and her sudden fall from grace.

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Microsoft is now paying people to use Bing in the UK with its Rewards scheme

Microsoft’s Rewards program launched in the UK June 1st. Originally only available in the US, Microsoft is now letting British users accrue points for using its Bing search engine. The points can then be transferred to a number of different rewards, including Xbox digital gift cards, Groove Music passes, and Skype credit. Microsoft is also partnering with a number of UK charities so you can donate points to these organizations instead.

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Computers trained to spot fake online profiles

Researchers have trained computers to spot social media users who pose as somebody else - a practice known as catfishing. They say their algorithms can identify users who lie about their gender, with more than 90% accuracy.

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Samsung S8’s iris scanner fooled by photograph of an eye

Just one month after the Samsung Galaxy S8’s release, German hackers have already figured out a way around the phone’s iris recognition software.

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