Social Media Platforms: Which Would Be Best For Your Business?

Does your business need Facebook? Or does it need Twitter? If you are struggling to decide which social media platforms your business needs, then this fantastic infographic from Social Media Today is perfect for you!

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Instagram: Top Tips For Writing The Best Captions

One major part of running an Instagram account is creating engaging content for your followers. So how do you create exciting captions for them? From hashtags to emojis, here is some great tips to help you improve your Instagram captions. 

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Pinterest Reaches New Milestone Of 250 Million Users

Recently, Pinterest has celebrated a new milestone as they hit 250 million users. While Pinterest does not have the same user numbers as other bigger social media platforms, it has nevertheless continued to have a fast growth rate.

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Twitter Considering Removing 'Like' Button

As Twitter has begun to rethink their service, is the like button one of their features to go? Social Media Week are here to tell all.

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The Complete Beginner's Guide To Using Snapchat

As one of the top popular phone apps, Snapchat is a great way to keep in touch with people via photo and video messaging. Never used it before? Then Digital Trends have the perfect beginner's guide for you!

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5 Ways To Drive Traffic That Aren't SEO

Social media, guest blogging, and email marketing are all useful tactics to use to help you drive traffic to your website. By integrating these methods into your marketing plan, you will soon be able to see an increase in traffic without adjusting your SEO efforts.

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A Step-By-Step Guide To Gaining More Followers On Twitter

From writing a solid bio to posting engaging tweets, Digital Trends are here with an eight step guide to gaining more Twitter followers online. 

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Twitter Updates: Chronological Timeline Relaunched

Many Twitter users stated that the social media's algorithm cluttered up their timeline and made them miss out on many 'most recent' posts. So responding to feedback, on Monday 17th September Twitter moved back to a purely chronological timeline.

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Seven Great Stickers That Can Improve Your Insta-Stories

From tagging your location to letting your followers ask questions, here are seven great stickers that you can use on your Instagram stories.

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How Can Agencies Find Trustworthy Sources To Share?

When you are in charge of content curation for an agency it is important that you find the right sources to use online. When sourcing content you need to make sure that the content is relevant, interesting to target audiences, and also come from credible and trustworthy sources. Here is some useful information that can help you find better online sources for you to use. 

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