4 Content Creation Tips For Developing Your Personal Brand

One important part of establishing your personal brand online is producing great quality content. Maintaining a blog and automating content curation are just some useful and effective ways that you can develop content for your personal brand this year. 

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2020 & Beyond: The Do's & Don'ts Of Online Writing

Do you want to improve the quality of your online writing next year? Then Search Engine Journal have some great do's and don'ts for you to follow in 2020. 

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Personal Branding: Why Is It Important? 

While it's important to build a brand for your business, is it important to build a personal brand for yourself? Search Engine Journal are here with a great in-depth guide into what personal branding is and why it is important. 

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5 Useful Types Of Visual Content To Use In Your 2020 Marketing Strategy

There are many different types of content you can share online for your readers than just blog articles. Videos, infographics, and SlideShare's are just some useful pieces of visual content that you can use next year that can transform your marketing strategy. 

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Top Tips: How To Update Your Blog With Interesting Visuals

When creating blog posts for your website, only writing content isn't enough. To be able to make the content attractive and interesting to customers you need to use some eye-catching images too. To help you add creative visuals to your blog this year, check out this useful article from The Blog Herald that will tell you everything you need to know. 

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5 Blogging Mistakes That Impacting Your Success

As more and more companies and freelancers turn to blogging, it is important that you are able to run one effectively. Bad formatting, spelling, and grammar, and excessive selling are just some blogging mistakes that could have an impact on your work. 

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5 Transferable Skills That You Can Learn From Blogging

Whether you are running your own fashion blog or lifestyle blog, there are many useful and transferable skills that you can learn from it. As well as helping to improve your writing skills, blogging can also effectively help you to improve skills such as time management and marketing.

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6 Marketing Mistakes To Avoid When Creating Content

One of the biggest investments a company can make for their business is content marketing. However, it is important to know how to do it right in order to boost your brand awareness and get your target audience to see your online content. Social Media Today are here with a great guide to tell you all about content marketing mistakes you should avoid. 

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5 Useful Online Tools That Can Help Boost Your Digital Presence

If you are looking for ways to boost your brand's digital presence this year then Mar Tech Series have some great online tool suggestions for you! Take a look at their article today and see which tools can help your brand succeed. 

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10 Signs That Your Online Content Is Irrelevant

Is your content strategy slow-running? Where some might say that content is king, now the quality of your content seems to be more important these days. From declining traffic to less engagement, Search Engine Journal have a list of ten warning signs that could mean that you are creating irrelevant content. 

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