Content Marketing: What You Need To Know About Quality Vs Quantity

One of the biggest debates in content marketing is about which is more important: quality or quantity. Social Media Today are here with some useful information on how both impact your marketing efforts. 

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Boost Your Brand Visibility This Year With Re-purposed Content

Content marketing plays an important part in establishing your business or brand online. Rather than letting old content be forgotten, re-purposing your content can help you to boost your visibility online. Redistributing your content and engaging in content curation are just some methods that can help you.

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How To Improve Your Social Media Marketing & Increase Exposure

In today's society, nearly every business and invidividual has engaged in social media. Business2Community have a great selection of four tips that can help you to up your social media marketing game this year. Find out more about how you can increase exposure and benefit from social media this year. 

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5 Transferable Skills You Can Learn From Blogging

Whether you write one article a week or five, there are so many skills that you can learn from blogging. Blogging can help you improve your digital skills, improve your time-management, and also teach you more about online marketing.

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5 Useful Ways That You Can Benefit From Blogging

There are many ways that blogging can help benefit you, from giving you the opportunity to develop new skills and helping you become more productive. Thrive Global are here with a list of five ways that blogging can help you. 

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Improving Your Online Customer Service With Social Media

In a society where millions of people are online each day, social media can sometimes make or break a business. Messages that are left ignored and unfriendly communication are just some negative factors that can heavily impact a brand. Social Media Today have a useful guide full of ways that you can improve your social media customer service this year.

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How To Effectively Build Your Brand On Instagram

Whether you are a small business or a freelancer, there are many ways that you can utilise social media platforms to help build your brand online. Instagram can be a great platform for you to use to showcase your work, your products, and your business. Find out today how you can make the most out of Instagram this year.

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What Content Should You Avoid Posting On Social Media?

Social Media Today are here with a great guide full of top tips on what type of content you should avoid posting on social media in 2019. Overly promotional content, political content, and negative content are just some types of content that are best to avoid posting online. 

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Social Media Strategies: Is Your Brand Anti-Social?

Earlier this year, LUSH Cosmetics UK announced that they were stepping away from social media. Instead they chose to focus on customer interaction through their website, email, phone line, and one brand hashtag: #LUSHCommunity. In an age where companies are heavily competitive on social media, was this a wise decision to make? Social Media Week are here with an insight into how you can enhance your brand's social media strategy this year.

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Top Tips To Help You Create Better Social Media Content This Year

Do you want to create engaging social media content in 2019? Then Forbes have some great tips and advice for you! Creating timely content, asking your audience questions, and partnering with influencers are just some ways that you can turn your social media strategy around this year. 

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