How to Be Successful on Social Media with Content Curation

Few people see it as such, but content curation is more of an art than a science. There is no set formula, and the better your brush strokes are, the more likely you are to succeed.

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This animator makes surreal GIFs from famous artwork

This animator makes surreal GIFs from famous artwork © via
An interview with Kajetan Obarski, who turns famous paintings into short animations with a surreal twist.

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Twitter cofounder Biz Stone now works for Pinterest

Pinterest announced Wednesday that it's acquiring Jelly, the Q&A app Stone founded in 2013. Both Stone and cofounder Ben Finkel are joining Pinterest as a result of the acquisition. Stone in a special adviser role (he will work with Chief Product Officer Evan Sharp) and Finkel as part of the growth product team.

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In Facebook’s Future, You and Your Friends Will “Virtually” Hang Out, Travel, Shop, and More

Facebook wants you to spend more time with friends, family, and co-workers… just not in-person.

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Tomorrow's cities - nightmare vision of the future?

The connected city never sleeps. The thousands of sensors embedded in roads, sewers, water pipes, streetlights are busy collecting information day and night. Perhaps even your bin, which might also be tweeting.

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Norwegian site fights troll rants by making them pass a quiz before commenting

Comment sections on the internet can be a cesspool of human misery and rarely lead to fruitful conversations. Many news sites have given up on regulating comment sections and simply gotten rid of them, but Norway’s public broadcaster (NRK) has tried to find new ways to elevate the level of discussion in comments.

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How the FBI Took Down Russia’s Spam King—And His Massive Botnet

One of the world’s most notorious spammers appears to have been tripped up by a basic cybersecurity no-no, according to the FBI: He used the same log-in credentials to both run his criminal enterprise and also log into sites like iTunes.

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9 Creative Snapchat Ideas for Brands

Snapchat boasts 160 million highly engaged users who like watching and engaging with billions of photos and videos per day. Suffice it to say, social media marketers need to capture and maintain the attention of their followers. But how exactly do you make that happen?

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UK ISP Virgin Media accidentally blocks Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram

Bad news for customers of Virgin Media, after a technical SNAFU saw the UK’s third biggest ISP block Facebook, Instagram and Messenger.

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How content strategy drives digital marketing

To those well conversed with the field of digital marketing the term content strategy should not be anything new. The process which extends to several disciplines has been around for quite some time.

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